While not sure if she can openly laugh about it just yet, the fact that Bethan can talk about being thrown out of America is a giant step forward.

Well, not exactly thrown out. More escorted from the airport by men in black suits, clipped into a black van and driven down the runway to a waiting plane.

“It was just a problem with my Visa,” she explains forlornly. “I’d been inter-railing and got an internship in America for three months. When I landed in America they said it wasn’t an internship but compensated employment and I didn’t have the right documentation. It was a nightmare.”

Thankfully she’s a glass half full person and admits she wouldn’t have got the Sansaw job if it wasn’t for the Visa violation.

“Everything happens for a reason and although I was absolutely mortified at the time I’ve definitely landed on my feet.”

Although her parents are software developers, looking after animals has always been close to her heart.

“Initially I wanted to go to vets school but I spent four years at Harper Adams and after my placement at a dairy farm I really wanted to pursue that side of things,” she explains.

“I worked at a farm in Wrexham on Aintree Holsteins in my year placement, so essentially a pedigree milking herd which is kept indoors all year round. There are pros and cons for all types of dairy farming but it’s lovely to see the cows outside all year round and loving every minute of it.”

Bethan arrived in October 2017 just as the cows were being dried off for winter.

“It was the calm before the storm that was calving, but while it was pretty intense, it was great to be involved in every area of the operation. Not many people get to do that and it highlighted the huge variation of work here.”

She revels in the fact her university tuition was cheaper thanks to the Welsh Assembly.

“I’m from a little village called Goytre near Abergavenny so because I’m Welsh my tuition was subsidised by the Government, which is pretty handy seeing none of are getting into agriculture for the money.”

She had eaten half a Welsh cake for breakfast almost to underline that point.

“I made double the recipe at the weekend and brought them all back on the train,” she laughs.

Her family are all back in Wales: her younger brother is working in insurance while her older sister is a project manager for a defence company.

“She’s pregnant so I’m going to be an aunty in October which is really exciting!”

Away from the dairy, there’s plenty to keep her fit and active….notably, pole fitness classes.

“It’s a great way to meet people, especially as I’m not from the area, and really good exercise – my instructor is like a drill sergeant so I’m completely crippled for three days after each class.

“We’re also a big rugby family and I love the Six Nations,” Bethan says. “I’m super patriotic and went to England vs Wales in the first year of uni back in 2014. We didn’t win, despite the fact I was wearing a daffodil hat.”

As for work interest, Bethan’s fascinated by genetics and wants to pursue that field later down the line. In the meantime, she’s been given the role of looking after the estate’s small herd of Shropshire pedigree sheep.

“We’re lambing at the moment,” she grins. “We’ve got 22 ewes lambing so it’s all hands to the pump!”