Ed has certainly packed a lot into his 37 years. Few people know more about dairy farming than he – a national award-winner no less – yet he also finds time, somehow despite the long hours, to run a successful photography business with his partner of 20 years.

He met Sarah at college when he was just 17 and they have been thick as thieves ever since.

“We’re both pretty busy,” he smiles. “There’s not too much down time between work, photography, rowing or running.

“Photography was a passion for both of us and I used to take pictures of Sarah while she rowed. Eventually British Rowing got in touch asking if they could use some of the imagery and now I shoot pictures for their almanac every year.”

While he grew up on a family farm near Stoke-on-Trent, he wasn’t always destined to be a farmer.

“We weren’t a classic farming family,” Ed laughs. “My father’s side was always in farming but mum’s side was more military and nursing. It just so happens that I followed dad’s footsteps and my sister went into nursing and subsequently dentistry.”

The mixed farm had sheep, beef and pigs but also ran a plant hire business.

“It was clear that the farm was going more towards plant as I was growing up so it was natural that I left to work for someone else after I finished at Rodbaston. Having said that, I didn’t leave straight away as I got a job at the college as assistant herdsmen.”

From there Ed went to work on high-yielding dairy units before being brought in to help run a new dairy venture set up by vet Ed Friend at Bridgemere in Cheshire in 2007.

He stayed until 2016 and, in the meantime, scooped the Pasture to Profit Award at the Grazing Conference in 2012.

“It was great to be part of this venture,” he recalls. “We had to completely revolutionise the operation and to see the fruits of that labour was incredibly satisfying.