Although Emma grew up on a farm in Kent, her career in agriculture couldn’t be further from that of her parents.

“They’re violin makers,” she smiles, proudly. “My brothers work in the business and my sister is a nutritionist down in Bristol. Obviously my childhood on a farm had an impact some way along the line!”

Studying estate management at Harper Adams, she spent her placement year in Edinburgh which she enjoyed but made her miss being ‘hands-on’.

“I loved my time at Harper and in Scotland, but while I always throw myself into something I tend to know pretty quickly if it’s right or not,” she explains candidly.

“I didn’t want an office job really – I wanted something hands-on, so when I got this offer at Sansaw I knew it was perfect.”

While she’s landed on her feet in many respects, the job of assistant herdsmen wasn’t quite what she came for.

“I was looking for about three months and I thought estate had sheep so I rocked up here and said ‘do you have any shepherding jobs?’,” she says. “As it turned out they were looking for a cow person so I managed to get an interview with James and although I put in a car crash performance I said I would try it. Six months later I absolutely love it!”

Joining alongside Beth, the pair had already connected before they arrived at Sansaw…..bonding over a jumper.

“I met her in the first year and accidentally stole her jumper from a house party,” Emma laughs. “We had some emails back and forward about returning it but admittedly I did love it. Now we’re sharing a house I’m hoping I get to borrow it now and again!”

Like many students, Emma spent her time travelling after graduation.

“I went to America for two and a bit months, working in an organic market garden in Connecticut. It was a really nice place and I was going to go back afterwards but Sansaw came up instead.

“Although I started on the first day the farm began drying off the last of the cows, I was thrown straight into the deep-end when it came to calving which was mental.”

So does she have much time for social or family life?

“I haven’t been back to Kent since I moved up here but that’s because it’s been pretty full-on with calving. There’s more time now so I’ll probably get back down there soon,” she explains.

“As for social life, my boyfriend is a dairy vet and lives in Whitchurch so we get together as often as we can. I work every other weekend and he has every weekend off, so there’s a bit of planning involved but it works well.”