Martin can see the circle of life in front of his very eyes. His early memories are of sitting on the lap of his grandfather at the wheel of a tractor, and now his five-year-old son is besotted with the machines in the same way he was.

“I guess a lot of kids love tractors but it’s lovely to see how excited Alfie gets…it’s exactly how I was 20 years ago,” Martin says.

Martin had plenty of opportunity growing up to get used to the machines.

“We had a family farm – a dairy farm – when I was younger but we eventually sold it. But growing up in that environment has stayed with me.”

Martin smiles as he recounts his two-thirds of a diploma at Reaseheath.

“I did a year in college, then a year’s placement and then I was supposed to go back for a year,” he explains. “I did my placement year and then was offered a job on an arable farm so I didn’t end up going back. In truth I didn’t particularly get on with one of the lecturers. He told me I’d make nothing of myself so it was nice to bump into him recently with my wife and child!”

That one child has now become two, with Molly-Mae arriving 12 weeks ago. For someone with a newborn Martin, 25, looks remarkably fresh.

“She’s sleeping through already,” he says with pride. “Alfie did the same when he was that age so I don’t have any problems with sleep. In fact, given the job I do, as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light.”

It isn’t just tractors which float Martin’s boat. He loves cars, too.

“Most of my car history is Vauxhalls,” he says, his eyes widening. “I’ve had three Corsas and still have two of them. One was just my first car and I bought it as a non-runner. I re-built all the engine with a bit of help from my dad and brother, got it running and passed my test.

“Then I bought a 2000 Corsa Sport 1.6 as a restoration project. It’s an ongoing project because I’ve blown it up twice. The plan was for it to be a weekend toy but it hasn’t managed to keep an engine for six months. I do like to hammer my cars!”

The same can’t be said of his day-to-day steed.

“If you thrash machinery it shows and despite what I’ve done to my cars I don’t like breaking things.

“But I love driving tractors just as much as I do cars, although other road users leave a lot to be desired. It’s definitely got worse over the years with motorists being so impatient. I see some pretty choice manoeuvres on a daily basis and get screamed at if I pull in and screamed at when I didn’t.”

Thankfully there are plenty of jobs at the moment which don’t need him to go anywhere near the tarmac.

“There’s a lot going on with irrigating, pre-mowing grass for the cows, spreading fertilizer, hedge-cutting and sorting all manner of other requests.

“It’s pretty hot out there at the moment but I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.”