There’s nothing Sally doesn’t know about Sansaw’s property portfolio. Indeed, she’s been into every room in every house and office on the estate. When you tot up there are more than 120 residential properties and 22 offices, that’s quite a lot of rooms!

The 33-year-old has worked for Sansaw since November 2009 and works as the lettings coordinator.

“Essentially I do anything from organising lettings to managing refurbishments and dealing with any day-to-day issues that arise with our tenants,” says Sally.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say every day is completely different – it’s true and that’s what I love about the job.”

Away from work, Sally’s a mother-of-one who lives in Bangor-on-Dee. Her love of horses means her spare time is often spent near stables and she rides with her son, Oliver, who’s nine.

“I did a lot of hunting when I was younger and used to have my own horse but not any more. I just have a wonderfully scruffy lurcher called Willow who’s devoted to me,” she explains.

More recently, Sally’s love of the great outdoors spilled over into a monumental physical challenge – a 100km walk from Bath to Cheltenham to raise money for Macmillan.

Although she had to retire 11km from the finish line, she raised more than £750 for charity.

Her feat was even more remarkable as it came just weeks after she ruptured both calf muscles.

“I’m pretty chuffed to have walked as far as I did,” said Sally. “I got to 89km before I retired and that was because my hips seized up and I actually couldn’t move any further. I ruptured both calf muscles five weeks ago and never thought I would get to do the challenge.”

Hundreds of people took part in the Cotswold Way Challenge, the latest in a series of Ultra endurance tests. Of course, while the feat itself was painful in the extreme, the recovery can be just as intense.

“Everyone has laughed at me in the office for shuffling across the room for the past week,” she smiled. “My feet are a complete mess and I’m about to lose a few toenails!

“It’s fair to say I pushed my mind and body to its limits and I’m delighted with the money raised so far but if anyone wants to donate they can do so with this link –