About us


We're a small family with big ambitions. It's in the blood and has been ever since James Jenkinson Bibby bought the Sansaw Estate in 1882. He was a man with a passion for innovation and modernisation and today we're keeping this alive in a big way. Not just as a family, but together as a community.

We pride ourselves on being different and have a growing community of families living and working at Sansaw. They come to live in the houses we've built, work in the offices we've designed, play in the peaceful Shropshire countryside and rest - really rest. This is our vision for modern rural living and we're only getting started.

From the organic food we grow to the events we hold and the eco systems we sustain, we're constantly evolving at Sansaw, responding to a complex world with simple solutions that need no compromise.

For more information call us on 01939 211100 or email info@sansaw.co.uk