As the very first tenants in Sansaw Business Park, it was something of a leap of faith for property firm Carter Jonas when they moved into the brand new South Pavilion eight years ago.

But they haven’t looked back since they took the keys for the eco building in December 2008, having spent the previous decade in a nearby property on the estate.

In fact, staff say they have enjoyed all the benefits which were hoped for from the outset of the tenancy and it now says, with the benefit of hindsight, that the move has been an enormous success.

The Shrewsbury office of Carter Jonas is headed by Ralph Collins, a Partner in the Rural Division who now oversees some 35 members of staff. It might be one of the youngest of the 29 spread across the country, but it is also one of the most dynamic.

The firm boasts a thriving rural department – which specialises in property and estates – a dedicated Minerals and Waste Management team, and top-level services such as Planning and Mapping. It deals with a wide range of properties, from farms and new homes to large estates and development land.

In short, Carter Jonas helps its clients sell, let, manage and add value to their properties, whether they are residential homes, farms and estates, development land, offices, industrial or retail buildings.

The Minerals and Waste Management division has also grown steadily over the last few years. It provides specialist advice throughout the UK on all matters relating to minerals and waste management developments.

This might include advice on strategic development appraisal, site acquisition and disposal, planning and valuation on behalf of both operators/manufacturers and private landowning clients.

One of those most instrumental in the move to the South Pavilion was Philip Godsal, a former Senior Partner and now a consultant with the firm, who worked with Robin Thompson and the Sansaw Estate for many years prior to the move.

“In retrospect, we are delighted that we took the decision to move here as part of an ongoing expansion programme,” said Philip.

“We were very excited when we heard that the estate was to develop the walled garden at a time when we felt we were outgrowing our premises, Black Birches, a lovely property just a few hundred yards away.

“We liked the ethos and vision of the estate, and we worked closely with them all the way through to us taking the keys.

“Increasingly we are offering advice to clients on energy issues so it was important to be seen to set an example in trying to ensure we are minimising our own environmental impact.

“We are settled here and are looking forward to continued success both for ourselves and our clients into the future.

“I think it fair to say that our success and steady expansion programme is at least partly due to the state-of-the-art offices in the South Pavilion which has allowed us to operate in light, modern, spacious, well-equipped surroundings.”

The Shrewsbury office of Carter Jonas has come a long way since its inception, which started with in Bridgnorth in 1982 with a workforce of 10 before merging with Shrewsbury-based rural practice John German in the mid 1990s.

The firm has more than tripled in size since and defied the recent downturn in the property market and the economy in general, continuing to bolster its workforce to meet increasing demand.

Ralph Collins said the firm’s success was down to a combination of genuine expertise in all departments, a wealth of experience across the board and above all a culture of going the extra mile to ensure clients achieve the best possible results.

“We have acquired a reputation not just for our wide knowledge of the industry but for being a firm which cares about people,” he said.

“Carter Jonas takes real pride in tailoring its resources to gain the best possible results for clients.

“While we are not newcomers – and our heritage means a great deal to us – we recognise the need to not only move with the times but also to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

“That is a crucial reason why, in Shropshire, we have grown from our relatively humble beginnings to where we are now, one of the largest and most dynamic property firms in the county.”

Carter Jonas was established in 1855 and can proudly boast that it has retained its first estate client to this day.

The firm now employs more than 550 across its 29 offices nationwide, managing more than one million acres of land across the country.

More than 60 Local Authorities employ Carter Jonas’s services – as well as half the London boroughs – and it boasts a proud success rate with renewable energy projects.

It is now one of the largest privately owned property consultancies in the country.