Sansaw’s very own Lettings Administrator, Sally Loud, has raised more than £750 for charity after walking 89km in a punishing Ultra Challenge through the Cotswolds.

Sally Loud, 33, a lettings administrator at Sansaw Estate, just outside Shrewsbury, walked for 28 hours before she was forced to give up through injury just 11km from the finish line.

However, Sally was delighted with her efforts which raised vital cash for Macmillan Cancer. Her feat was even more remarkable as it came just weeks after she ruptured both calf muscles. “I’m pretty chuffed to have walked as far as I did,” said Sally, a mum of one who is still recovering from the walk which took place on July 1. “I got to 89km before I retired and that was because my hips seized up and I actually couldn’t move any further. I ruptured both calf muscles five weeks ago and never thought I would get to do the challenge.”

Hundreds of people took part in the Cotswold Way Challenge, the latest in a series of Ultra endurance tests. Sally continued: “We started at 8am on Saturday morning from Bath and walked continuously until Sunday 12 noon where I was 11km off finishing in Cheltenham. “It was incredibly tough going. I walked through the night with my head torch on which was an experience, and waited to hear the first bird come dawn.

“The scenery was amazing. What a beautiful place the Cotswolds is but it is so hilly! The first 50km was ok but, after that, walking into the night the route became brutal with steep hill after steep hill. There was no let-up, it was relentless! And of course once you walk up a steep hill you have to walk down the steep decline and then meet another hill straight after.”

Of course, the recovery can be just as painful. “Everyone has laughed at me in the office for shuffling across the room for the past week,” she smiled. “My feet are a complete mess and I’m about to lose a few toenails!

“It’s fair to say I pushed my mind and body to its limits and I’m delighted with the money raised so far but if anyone wants to donate they can do so with this link –