From the moment Charlotte was able to walk she has been donning a pair of wellies.

Farming is well and truly in Charlotte’s blood. Born and raised on the family farm in Oswestry, Shropshire, her dad inducted her into a life of agriculture.

“There’s nothing else that would get me up at 4am in the morning every day than knowing I’m heading out onto the farm,” she said.

Charlotte started as an assistant herds person in January, but her love for working with dairy cattle is something which came as a surprise to her.

“My dad farms with sheep, and that was all I wanted to do for years,” she said. “But my four years studying Agriculture at Harper Adams University changed that.”

During that time Charlotte spent a year at a dairy farm in Devon tending to 600 cows and says it was there she caught the bug for dairy farming.

“I just fell in love with milking, and when I saw an opportunity to work with cows here at Sansaw I jumped at the chance,” she said.

On her days off from milking Charlotte doesn’t really take a rest from farming, she is either back home helping her family, especially during lambing season, or is out shooting with her partner Greg, who helps out his family gamekeeping, despite herself not being a fan of birds.

“I know how it sounds,” she says with a laugh. “But actually when I am out beating or shooting, it’s not too bad, I just don’t like being in close proximity to birds.”