When Darren Moody moved to Sansaw from South Africa at the end of June, little did he know that he’d soon be living with one of his friends from school.

Having grown up on a farm at home, Darren always loved being outdoors, so the move to Sansaw as Assistant Herdsperson seemed perfect.

“I lived on the family farm back home but wanted to come over to further my knowledge of dairy farming and learn the modern methods.

“When I came to Sansaw, it was only a couple of weeks until my friend Devon came over too. We both went to Howick High School so I’ve known him for a few years now. I organised for him to come and work here so now we live together so it’s really nice to have the extra company, as living on my own did get quite lonely.”

Moving to the UK in June meant that Darren could make the most of the summer months, which included being on the Sansaw quad bikes during the days. It’s the winter months, however, that might take a bit of getting used to.

“It’s definitely going to be a much colder winter than we’ve ever been used to. Devon has never seen snow before, so we’re in for a surprise. I think we’ll be milking cows looking like Eskimos this year!”

Aside from milking cows, Darren’s a huge fan of playing sport, whether it’s rugby, fishing, or county cricket. He’s a bit of a self-confessed sports fanatic.

“I absolutely love fishing, but I haven’t found anywhere to go round here yet and I think it’ll take some looking around before I find the perfect place. It would be great to go when we’ve got time between milking.”

Having worked at Sansaw for just over three months, Darren’s settling into the job well. The only thing he struggles with is getting up so early in the morning.

“The 4.30am starts are a bit difficult sometimes, especially when you’re getting up in the dark, but it’s all part of the job and I do really enjoy what I do, you’ve got to have a passion for it.”

Coming from a large family – four stepsisters and one stepbrother – making the move to Sansaw alone was a huge step.

“My family are all back home and I miss them a lot, but the team here are great and I really feel like I’ve settled in to the job thanks to them.”