Always up for new opportunities and trying something new, Devon Turner made the move from South Africa to the UK two months ago to work at Sansaw, thanks to his friend Darren.

“I love learning new things every day, and coming over to the UK has meant I can do just that. There are different methods of farming over here and it’s really interesting.
Plus, we get to ride quad bikes at Sansaw, which is always fun.”

Devon came to Sansaw in July as Assistant Herdsperson and moved in with Darren, who he got to know in high school back home in Howick.

“Living together is definitely new, but good because we’ve both got someone familiar here. Darren was alone for three weeks before I came over, so I’m sure he’s had to get used to another person taking up space!”

Devon admits he was a bit of a late riser back at home, so the 4.30am starts have definitely been a challenge.

“Though it’s been tough to get used to, we do get a four-hour break between shifts, so in that time I like catching up on the football; being an Arsenal Football Club fan.

“I also really like fishing, but haven’t found anywhere to fish yet, so once I’ve got somewhere to go, that’s where you’ll find me in my spare time.”

It’s not just the early mornings that Devon has to get used to, as this will be the first UK winter that he’ll experience… and he’s never seen snow before.

“It’s true,” he grins. “I’m not excited for it either, as it will be dark and cold in the winter. Waking up that early will be even harder!”