Emma Sophy Church
Assistant Calf Rearer

Fun facts about Emma

  1. Emma plays Women’s Rugby in her spare time
  2. She once shared a bag of chips with Lewis Capaldi at Reading Festival
  3. She’s a massive believer in ‘girl power’ in the agricultural industry 


Emma spent her weekends and school holidays surrounded by livestock at her childhood home in Sussex so it was no surprise to her family when she said she wanted to study agriculture and eventually work in farming.

Her parents had small holding while she was growing up and Emma used to run home from school so she could get outside to help with the animals.

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved animals and I always knew I wanted to work with them in some capacity,” she said.

She’s currently in the beef calf rearing team at Sansaw as part of her gap year from Harper Adams University where she’s studying for a degree in Agriculture and Animal Science.

“I’m absolutely loving it here at Sansaw and it 100 per cent confirms to me that I picked the right industry to work in.”

As well as working with animals, Emma’s other passions include painting and music as well as promoting women in the industry.

“I’m part of the Shropshire Women in Dairy group and I’m really passionate about changing the stereotypical industry of farming.

“It’s often a very male-dominated space and many people are surprised to see and deal with women on the ground.

“I’m a massive believer in ‘women can do whatever men can do’ and I’m really happy with how I’ve been treated at Sansaw!”