Heading up the Sansaw Maintenance team is no mean feat, but for new Site Foreman Gregg Davies he takes it all in his stride. He’s not unfamiliar with the Estate either, having worked on the construction of the new dairy sheds.

“I worked for Knights Construction for the past eight years. Essentially, I was the man responsible for building the new sheds for the herd and led a team of 25 lads,” he explained.

“We worked it from day one and seeing them go from some farming fields to the huge structures they are now is just incredible.”

A ‘brickie’ by trade, Gregg started Knights Construction with a friend and took the company “from nothing, to a reputable-sized business”. It was whilst working for Knights that the opportunity to work at Sansaw arose when James was after a site foreman and had seen his work during the previous six months.

Before Knights Construction, Gregg managed his own business in the brick-laying trade, however the long days and 80+ hour weeks meant that he wasn’t able to see his family. Having four children, his eldest daughter eight-years-old, two sons aged six and two, and the arrival of a newborn girl, Gregg wanted to carry on in the same job whilst having time for his family.

“I still lead a team, but on more manageable hours for my lifestyle. Rather than 80 hours a week, I’m doing a much more suitable 40. I still love having the chance to lead a project.

“I don’t say this myself, but I’ve been told that I have a way of getting the best out of people. I don’t class myself as better than anyone else and would never ask someone something I wouldn’t do, which I think is an important trait to have as a manager and you get respect from your team.

“I’m a firm believer that there’s no ‘i’ in team and hope that resonates throughout how I work.”

Now, with more time to spend with the family, Gregg admits he spends 99 per cent of his time with the kids, whether it’s going for a walk, playing with them or even just taking them to school.

“I was able to take my eldest son to school for the first time, and it was his first day. I must admit I had a tear in my eye when I dropped him off, but he didn’t even bat an eyelid!”

A Wrexham man born and bred, Gregg loves to follow the rugby and play golf, with his dad being a keen golfer, it was through him that his passion for the sport began. Now living on the Sansaw Estate, Gregg has even more time to enjoy his hobbies. It has also meant new beginnings for the family.

“Living just down the road means we’ve had a full fresh start. With the kids starting a brand new school as well, it’s new for everyone and it’s lovely. I can’t wait to see what this brings for us.”

Coming from a large family – four stepsisters and one stepbrother – making the move to Sansaw alone was a huge step.

“My family are all back home and I miss them a lot, but the team here are great and I really feel like I’ve settled in to the job thanks to them.”