While her new job is office-based, Helen knows plenty about what life is really like at Sansaw having been around farming for the whole of her 43 years.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Waters Upton and now married to a dairy farmer (not forgetting her decade-long service at a farm veterinary practice), there’s nothing she hasn’t done.

“You name it, I’ll have done it,” she giggles. “I’ve taken on the scraping, the calving, the feeding, the injections, the lot. It’s been my life for as long as I can remember.

Now in South Shropshire, Helen has spent the last 11 years at a farm veterinary practice as practice manager before heading to Sansaw.

“I spent 11 years at the vets but there always comes a time when you need a change, a new impetus. Sansaw came along at just the right moment in my life and I’m delighted to be here.”

So what will Helen bring to the role?

“I’m pretty nerdy about organisation,” she grins. “And I’m pretty calm in a crisis.

Away from work you can often hear Helen’s car rocking to the sounds of Metallica, coupled with her tinkering on the ivories at home