Becoming the estate plasterer is more than just a job to Mark. Indeed, you gather from delving deeper that plastering is Mark’s art – and he takes it very seriously.

Mark is not often found without a trowel in his hand, whether it be at work or home. This Shrewsbury tradesman will take on all manners of work at Sansaw including, but not limited to, bricklaying, roofing and groundworks.

“I ran my own business for a year, and that was enough,” he says candidly. “I worked all around Shropshire and North Wales, but now I need something steady and regular.’

“I moved to Hadnall with daughter, Freya, and girlfriend, Emma, and what comes with a new home is a new mortgage. I needed to have a better work-life balance.”

This family man at heart makes sure he picks up 15-month old Freya every night after work and tries to keep his weekends free to make sure he enjoys the moments that matter.

Give this man a house to do up though and Mark is in his element – ripping out the bathroom and kitchen has become a part of Mark’s past time. And buying a new build hasn’t stopped the perfectionist.

“The plastering is a bit rough around the edges, to be honest. It doesn’t need doing but I probably will do it in the future to satisfy my urge. It is lovely though to be in a house that doesn’t need working on. It gives me more time to spend with Freya and Emma.”

One thing Mark will not allow Freya to be a part of is his passion for motorbikes.

“Freya will never be allowed on one,” he says sternly.

“I have a Suzuki Intruder, but it has been away for the winter. I am a safe rider though; it is about the ride for me, not the speed.”

Leaving school at the earliest opportunity, Mark threw himself into working with his hands, picking up a chainsaw at 16 and getting a

wage for it was a teenager’s dream. But Mark found his craft after completing a plastering apprenticeship with AJ Morris.

Our interview ends with Mark saying “I think I will end up skimming my walls as it will annoy me”. It only proves to cement the fact that Mark is in the right place.