You get the distinct feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day for Scott Williams.

The 29-year-old is the machinery manager at Sansaw which is shorthand for ‘he drives all the big stuff’.

But even when his week is finished on the estate he’s gunning for more work at the weekends. 

“I’d work eight days a week if I could,” he laughs. “Not sure my other half would be too happy but I love what I do and wish there could be more hours in the day.”

Scott’s honest enough to say that his teachers would be amazed at his work ethic now, given school wasn’t for him.

“I hated it to be fair,” he says. “I always wanted to be doing my own thing and sitting in the classroom was killing me. I left as early as I could and ended up working for a mate’s uncle in Stoke who had a skip-yard. I learned how to drive pretty much everything in that yard and it served me well.”

Give him anything with four wheels and Scott knows how to drive it.

“I keep away from wagons but can drive every other bit of plant machinery, from forklifts and loadalls to diggers, excavators, tippers and dump trucks,” he says.

“I put in all the underpasses for the new dairy and I’ve got my street works licence which means I can go and work on the highways.”

But the most fun he has is on his quad bike. Not a normal quad though.

“It’s a Yamaha Raptor 700 so it can do around 90mph,” he says, his eyes lighting up. “It’s road legal and pretty tasty when you open it up.”

At Sansaw since 2010, Scott first came to the estate when the Pavilions offices were being built.

“I started out labouring on that job but I got to know the groundworks company quite well,” Scott explains. “Towards the end of the project they were getting fed up of all the traveling so they asked me to finish it off.

“James saw the work I was doing and offered me a job full time. I’ve never looked back.”

Living on the estate enables him to work on his cottage, too.

“I’m ripping out the utility and the kitchen out at the moment – just knocking it about a bit. It’s a nice house but you just want it to your own spec…there’s always something to do!”

Scott’s also responsible for the woodland enjoying something of a spruce up.

“It looks quite different, doesn’t it,” he says proudly. “We cleared out all the self-seeding sycamore trees then chipped them. It took us a couple of days but has made a massive difference.”

Family wise, Scott’s been with Lisa for four years and has a step-daughter Sophie, 15, a step-son Logan, eight, and a son Callum who’s three.

“We’re lucky to live in the countryside with plenty of freedom,” he adds. “I couldn’t think of a nicer spot.”