Following on from a difficult March, the weather in April has kept us on our feet. This year’s cold start to Spring brought with it a number of problems for the farm. 

Our grass struggled to grow in the low temperatures and we’ve had to compensate with extra feed for the cows to keep them warm in the challenging conditions. A few of our calves have also suffered from pneumonia and the brisk weather made it extra difficult to tend to them. 

Battling such a relentlessly wet month, our fodder and wheat planting plans were thwarted by four weeks, but thankfully the weather picked up before it was too late.

All credit for the farm’s maintenance during this difficult season goes to our team: they have each shown tremendous strength and resilience in the face of adverse conditions and I dread to think where we’d be without them. With that, we have sadly had to say goodbye to Chris Williams as he moves on to pastures new, no pun intended, and we wish him all the best.

Looking forward, the cows are in great condition and preparation for the coming mating season has gone exceptionally well.