We have had a really busy time calving over 1200 cows in 6 weeks but the end is now in sight with the last of our pregnant girls now relaxing in the calving shed. Ioan our Youngstock Manager has his hands full feeding our calves and making sure that they have the best start to their lives at Sansaw.

Whilst calving was coming to an end, the lambing was just beginning with our 22 pure Shropshire ewes all due to lamb. When she wasn’t working with the cows, Emily, our Shepherd, was busy in the lambing shed looking after the newborn lambs and their mums.  

Beth, our Herd Manager and her team have started doing the pre-breeding checks on all of the cows to ensure that they are as healthy as possible, ready for breeding time. We have also started breeding the heifers which is very exciting as for the first time we have served them using Sexed Semen and Artificial Insemination.  

Our Grassland manager Matt is getting to grips with his first grazing rotation which is a huge job as we have over 750ha of grassland, all of which the cows graze.

The new sheds at the dairy are nearing completion and work has also started on our new slurry lagoon which will soon have the capacity to hold up to 5 months worth of slurry.