August is typically a quiet month on the Estate, with milking being the primary job. We’ve pregnancy-checked all the cows and have lots in calf, so we’re expecting a busy January coming up! The R2s are now all in calf, so we’ve got our new bulls keeping them company.

Our Shepherdess Emily has just received her trailer license, so the Sansaw sheep can now look forward to their new driver.

We’re keeping the ‘girls’ in good condition by trimming their feet, and 1500 cows
means LOTS of feet, so plenty of trimming.

The final cut of silage has now been clamped ready for the cows to self feed in the
sheds. With the new sheds nearly complete, they will have a great home for over the winter to keep warm.

Finally, with the arrival of our fantastic new dribble bar on the Estate, we can now spread slurry whilst reducing ammonia emissions by up to 97% and minimise the smell and pollution within the community, by delivering the slurry directly onto the soil.