The Pavilions Buildings

Mixing the very best of 21st Century design within the confines of a Victorian walled garden, The Pavilions is a landmark development on Sansaw Estate providing stunning office space in unrivalled surroundings.

Indeed, the £3m development was handed a coveted RIBA award thanks to the vision of both the Thompson family and architect Ross Sharpe. Constructed from wood steel and glass and using ground-source heat exchangers, passive ventilation and rainwater harvesting, the building has a low carbon footprint and a minimal impact on the environment. Opened by the late Duke of Westminster in September 2008, The Pavilions has lost none of its appeal of charm in the following years.

“Our vision was to create an inspirational office building which not only stood out from an architectural point of view but made as little impact on the environment as possible,” said James.

“We not only have a landmark which puts our business park on the map but we are also able to offer tenants significantly reduced running costs as well as the digital and technical infrastructure every company relies on.”

Ross Sharpe said he was inspired by the Thompson family’s commitment to their surroundings.

“The Thompsons were a joy to work with,” he said. “It was truly inspirational to hear their vision for the future of the Estate and I wanted to give them a building which would still be relevant for years to come.”