A team which collectively needs to know about the mating habits of newts, the value of an archaeological find, or even how to fit hundreds of new houses on a particular piece of land needs a home which is highly functional and reassuringly creative.

Luckily Sansaw Estates Business Park came up with the goods offering the Shrewsbury-based office of EDP – The Environmental Dimension Partnership – the ideal solution.

An open space at The Stables, the newly restored and historic stable block on the north Shropshire estate with its cobbled courtyard, original Victorian features and easy access routes.

The Shrewsbury Office is led by Gerard Dore, a professional arboriculturist who has worked with EDP for 5 years. It was Gerard who spotted the Sansaw offices on his daily commute and suggested it to head office in Cirencester. He said they only needed one look before deciding it was perfect for a growing team which offers all of the services currently carried out by EDP with the added bonus of the capacity to expand still further.

Gerald currently leads a team of 11 ecologists, landscape architects, archaeologists, and arboriculturists who largely look after clients in the Midlands, the North of England as well as North Wales

“I passed Sansaw each day on my commute from home to our former offices in Shrewsbury and just knew that as the team was expanding this would be the ideal location to create the right working atmosphere we needed,” he added.

“And I have to say that from the minute we took a look and decided it was the way forward Sansaw Estates have supported our move every step of the way. We have watched the offices being transformed to cater for our needs and everything we have asked for has been included.

“There is an ethos here which is all about quality of working hard and appreciating life and the surroundings are conducive to that. I also think it is within easy reach of Shrewsbury and Telford and therefore routes to the rest of the Midlands while also being convenient for Wales and Cheshire. The work we are doing here is extremely varied and can be painstakingly detailed so we have to have a number of different disciplines among our staff. But the open space nature of these offices I think promotes a good working ethic. It is important to us for our team to be happy in their working environment and therefore it was a big decision when it came to choosing a base. And Sansaw has lived up to everything we thought it would be.

“I believe being based here will also help us to build the business in the Midlands and attract more clients in the region. Our main clients are house builders who will often have greater needs and demands when it comes to ensuring a certain piece of land is approved for planning permission. That industry is currently going through some changes but we feel best placed here at Sansaw to capitalise on those changes. We have a reputation for being at the very top of our field for producing the right results and when they are needed and our offices do reflect that.”