Location is an essential ingredient in any property search for a business but sometimes it’s also a luxury you owe to your clients.

That’s exactly why it was a top priority for Dr Thomas Norlin when he was looking for a new and inviting home for his dental practice Esthetique founded with practice manager Deb Price.

Both were determined to make a visit to the dentist as appealing as possible – more like checking in to a hotel than the usual dental check in,  all  to help ease away the usual nerves that accompany appointments.

Inside the practice is the perfect combination of a serene and indulgent waiting room with sumptuous soft furnishings and relaxing colour palette combined with clinical precision in the treatment rooms.

And that, maintains Dr Norlin is why they chose the Courtyard of the Sansaw Business Park for their new venture – to compliment the warm and welcoming but highly professional atmosphere they had set out to create..

“Location was so important to us, we wanted to be rural but easy to get to.  Here we have ease of parking, ease of travel and yet we are just four minutes away from the Battlefield roundabout, it takes longer to find a parking space in town than to drive here, and it’s free parking ,” added Dr. Norlin

“Let’s face it, no one really wants to go to the dentist so we wanted to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Being based here means that by the time they reach the front door, they aren’t stressed out and the waiting room is designed to be equally as relaxing so they are calm and happy by the time they go into the surgery.”

And the dental practice fits perfectly into the ethos of the Sansaw Estate, which aims to help people to continue to live a modern and busy life but alongside a sense of community and the natural beauty of the Shropshire countryside.

Esthetique certainly combines both. The practice is at the cutting edge of modern technology. Every little detail has been thought out by people with an obvious passion for the industry and for providing the best possible experience to the patient.

Equipment is all state of the art and of the highest quality for patient comfort and safety. Each treatment room has a television monitor where patients can view their own x-rays and information slides.

But it is not just what the patient can see that makes the difference to the practice. Each room has been designed to hide away clutter and cables so that it is easy to keep spotless; and equipment used to clean instruments is carefully designed to take staff on a journey from dirty to clean, everything kept pristine and digitally labelled on its route back to the patient or surgery.

Sansaw has proved the perfect backdrop to this attention to detail allowing room for the successful practice to grow and flourish.  After opening in March 2013 with no patients and three members of staff Esthetique Dental now has than 16 staff members and further treatment rooms and additional surgeries.

:“It was important to us when we found a location for the practice that there was room for expansion and this was perfect,” added Dr Norlin.

“Getting people through the door is always essential for any service industry and no different in dentistry, it’s beautiful and tranquil here and we find the rural location has helped us to attract more people. And once they are here, there is no reason why they wouldn’t want to come back.

“The estate has been extremely supportive, they often check in on us and nothing is too much bother and they certainly encourage more people to come.”

Esthetique Dental caters for all types of dentistry ranging from a routine examination through to cosmetic implants. Staff are warm and friendly and at the cutting edge of dentistry.

Dr Norlin, is an internationally acclaimed expert in halitosis and has a special interest in implants  and reconstructive dentistry for which he takes referrals from dentists across the area.

For more information phone the practice on 01939 211150 or visit www.esthetiquedental.co.uk