Our planned start of calving is 1 February, we then have the busiest 10 weeks of the year. We do draft in a extra staff to help resource this intense but rewarding period, however for spring 2018 we will be implementing a number of changes to the way we manage the system which should mean we’re less reliant on seasonal help.

We aim to achieve a minimum of 90% of our cows in calf each year, which means we’ll have more than 1,500 calves born on the farm. Ideally we’ll have 70% of those calves born within the first six weeks, so it’s all hands to the pump during this time.

While we work to a strict set of plans, budgets and protocols, there’s still no getting away from the fact that seeing new life on the farm is what it’s all about. The whole year is geared towards a successful calving and we’re delighted when we see those calves take their rightful place in the herd.