We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world here in Hadnall – a true dog-walkers paradise.

At Sansaw Estate, we love seeing so many people taking their dogs out around the area, but have recently noticed that our cattle are becoming unwell, due to a disease called Neosporosis.

Neosporosis is an infection caused by a parasite found in dog faeces that infects dairy and beef cattle, leading to abortion and stillbirth.

As a result of this and advice sought by leading veterinary experts, we’re appealing to dog-walkers to protect our pregnant cattle by sticking to public footpaths and not using routes through the fields.

We will be erecting signs on gates alerting dog-walkers to the dangers of exposing cattle to neosporosis, but we would hugely appreciate your support in this matter.

James Thompson, MD of Sansaw Estate, urged local dog walkers to consider a different route and said discussions were already under way with local councils to develop alternative walking trails.

“It’s truly heartbreaking to see cattle go through such a disease,” James commented.

“We don’t want to stop dog-walkers enjoying the countryside, but we do need to alert them to the very clear and present dangers that exist to our cattle, if they continue walking through our grass fields and not sticking to designated footpaths, keeping dogs on leads and clearing up faeces.”

“We appreciate this move will be a little disruptive but dog walkers are animal lovers and we know they will understand. Hopefully we’ll have some new routes and trails to shout about in the very near future.”

If you’d like to get in touch regarding dog-walking around Sansaw Estate, contact info@sansaw.co.uk or ring the Estate office on 01939 211100.