Employment law & HR experts Bell Taylor say their business is going from strength to strength since moving into the Stables office development on the Sansaw Estate in 2017.

Run by husband and wife team Richard and Andrea Llewellyn-Bell, the company now has a txeam of eight, offering tailored employment law services from advice and HR support through to management training and health and safety expertise.

Bell Taylor is now in its sixth year with an impressive 100% renewal rate going into 2018, but Richard says the move to Sansaw was a defining moment.

“I started the business out of our front room in Hadnall until about a year ago,” he explains. “In many ways it was great while it lasted but as our client base grew it was important to get some headquarters.

“We had also grown to the point where we’d taken on two additional employment solicitors so it was vital we had somewhere to meet, discuss caseload and invite clients to.”

Richard was previously an associate at a commercial legal practice in Chester, while Andrea was a risk and compliance manager running inspections and internal investigations.

The team’s commercial experience, plus Bell Taylor’s unlimited advice for fixed fee pricing structure, has seen the business grow supporting employers in various sectors from 10 employees up to 1,500.

“We work with small firms who perhaps have little or no knowledge of HR and employment law and larger organisations with HR teams who can use us as a sounding board to guard against risk,” Andrea explains.

“Our experience in the industry showed us that companies tend not to want a call centre advisory service which often does not fit their commercial needs. Businesses tell us they prefer a more personal and tailored approach. They want to develop a longer-term relationship and have us on-hand to manage their employment law and HR issues creatively and commercially when required whilst remaining fair and compliant.”

Richard said the Stables environment has been great for business.

“2017 saw our biggest year of growth and a lot of that is down to our new location – we’ve definitely grown up as a result of our surroundings,” he said.

“We didn’t like the idea of a faceless business park. We trialled an office in town but it just didn’t work on so many levels. The Stables sits nicely with being different from the others and everyone who comes here loves it.

“So, we’ve taken on a new office, a new solicitor and a new business partner to cover our client base in Scotland and our profile is growing.”

Richard highlighted recent issues posed by Brexit and the exodus of foreign workers as well as the increase in employment tribunal claims faced by businesses since the tribunal fees was scrapped recently. Yet he said many employers were still in the dark over basic issues affecting their staff and how best manage these

“Typically, small/medium size businesses focus on their primary function in their particular industry and know little about employment law so it’s our job to hold their hand, guide them and to support them in taking any action where necessary,” he explained.

“There are always challenges ahead for every business but our role is to empower them with quality advice and offer strategic HR support to help save management time in dealing with HR matters and ultimately to avoid tribunal claims.”

James Thompson, MD of Sansaw Estate, said: “I am delighted that Bell Taylor chose the Stables to continue the growth of their business.”

“We love the diversity of businesses on the estate and it’s a real feather in the cap for Shropshire that firms of this kind choose to set up office in this county.”