July is typically a quieter month here at Sansaw, as the breeding season draws to a close. This year, however, the relentless heat and lack of rain has provided some real challenges and kept us all busy!

With so little grass in the fields, we’ve started feeding out the grass silage we made earlier in the year. We’re also providing additional feed in the parlour and have added some other yummy bits and pieces into the silage blend. This has ensured milk yield stability and has helped keep our girls in tip top condition. In fact, looking at them now you’d never believe there’s a national feed shortage! This said, with our silage fast disappearing, making a robust winter feed plan has now become one of our top priorities.

Our early pregnancy diagnosis (PD) results were a little lower than we would have liked, although we suspect the hot weather may have had some part to play in this. However, we do still have another round of PDs to go and are hopeful that the bulls will have helped us out with any ladies who didn’t get in calf to AI.

The calves are still growing well and are starting to feel quite grown up having settled nicely into life in the fields. They’re still a cheeky bunch and manage to give us all a laugh whenever we work with them! Weighing them frequently enables us to keep a close eye on their progress and allows us to give any stragglers that extra bit of TLC!