July sees the end of our 10-week breeding season, and we’re delighted with the results. Some of the more confident cows have started coming up to see us at the gates for a scratch, which they love.

Beth and Josh both have now completed their Dairy Management Academy Module 2 on grass and silage, which means they are now able to ensure the grass is in perfect condition for the cows. The silage has also now been cut and clamped for the new sheds, or made into bales for the fodder beet.

TB testing at the start of the month brought up no reactors which we’re really happy with. With other milk recording tests taking place, including test for Johne’s, Somatic cell counts and components of milk. Regular milk-recording provides better information than ad hoc, individual cow-testing and also allows us to react quickly to any issues that may come up.

The calves are hitting their target weights which is really pleasing to see.