Following a very successful period of AI, we were able to introduce our bulls into the herd at the beginning of June. Although initially unconvinced by the parlour, they quickly realised that loading with the cows results in a tasty portion of cow nuts. This is essentially the bull equivalent of eating sweeties on a merry-go-round, so now we’re having trouble persuading some of them to get back off at the end!

The heat and lack of rain this month have really slowed up our grass growth. Since our girls can sometimes be picky eaters when the grass becomes drier and more mature, carrying out pre-grazing mowing on some of our fields has helped us make the most out of them while they still taste delicious. This should also help ensure a healthy and even regrowth when we get some rain.

Just like humans, cows can get hot, bothered and grumpy in the summer heat, which can be a real headache in the parlour! High outdoor temperatures can also cause problems with cow fertility and milk yields. With all this in mind we’ve installed extra water troughs along our cow tracks and are selecting fields with lots of shade to help keep our ladies cool and comfortable in this weather.