After a delay in the weather, Spring has finally sprung on the farm and mating season is in full swing. This year’s bullock was flown in from New Zealand and has been very popular with our ladies.

This is always an incredibly busy and testing time of year, but with the phenomenal hard work put in by each member of the team we managed to submit 95% of the herd for AI in just three weeks. The perfect execution of the season has been a testament to the quality of our team here at Sansaw.

Now that the sun has been making regular appearances, our grass growth is back on track and we’ve even been able to cut our first batch of surplus grass for silage. The dry weather has also enabled us to spread fertiliser, so the future looks great for our fields.

Our calves are doing great. They are all fully weened and enjoying life outside on the grass with the rest of the herd. A number of them haven’t yet managed to grasp the concept of our electric fences and we’ve had to rescue a few rogues from our neighbours’ gardens!