The nice weather that we have been having recently has meant that we have been able to start cutting some of our grassland for silage. So far, we have done two cuts of silage with the first cut yielding 1448 tonnes of cut grass. This has been clamped in our brand-new silage clamps that were built around the new sheds and will be fed to the cows when they come inside for winter. 

With calving now completely finished the majority of the cows have had their pre-breeding checks and are looking lovely and healthy ready to be mated. Beth selected 275 of our top producing cows who were AI’d with sexed dairy semen, hopefully guaranteeing us a daughter from her to eventually go back into the milking herd. The rest of the cows will be served with a beef semen and their calves will join a beef herd. 

It was shearing time for the Sansaw Shropshires who were very grateful to have their hot, sweaty woolly jumpers removed. The ewes and lambs are now out in the field. The lambs are growing very quickly and becoming extremely naughty!  

The R1’s have started their weaning process, going from drinking milk to eating grass and calf corn with a majority of them happily playing and living outside. All is quiet with the R2’s as they have some chill time after being bred to allow them the best chance to get in calf.