‘Every calf has a value’ – although the new Arla policy doesn’t come into force until 2021, Sansaw is proudly leading the change by introducing new ways of calf rearing early.

Arla’s policy will see no healthy calf slaughtered or euthanised on a farm within the first eight weeks of life, allowing all calves not entering the dairy chain to be reared as beef cattle.

The eight-week period will allow calf rearing to the best standards to increase selling options, with Sansaw’s dairy leading the way with this standard.

The results have been phenomenal as bidders will see at the Barbers Auction sale at Hope Farm, Clive on Saturday, September 5 at 11 am.

More than 500 weanlings will be up for auction at the event – 320 mix sex Aberdeen Angus, 140 mix sex Hereford cattle and 45 male Black and White Fresian for sale.

James Thomspon, managing director at Sansaw, said: “Here at Sansaw, we always aim to be at the forefront of the industries we operate in which is why we introduced the new Every Calf Has A Value into our practices a year early.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team that put these new procedures in place and worked tirelessly to make it a success.”

The calf-rearing team at Sansaw is only a small team made up of three members of staff but James says this means that each one of them is on the same page and completely up to speed with what’s going on.

“It’s a very dedicated team we have at the calf barns,” he added. “They each know exactly what’s going on and are able to really build a rapport with each other and the cattle.”

The calves going into the auction range between four to seven months old and the average size is 200 kilos.

James added: “We’re really happy with the quality of the cattle this year, from birth the calves were growing at a growth rate of 0.95 and now as they’re getting bigger and older that’s gone up to 1.2 kilos a day. They are strong and healthy.”

Sansaw has a very organised feed plan for its cattle, starting off with milk powder when they are young transitioning onto solid food when a calf reaches the age of five to eight weeks.

The cattle are now on a blended diet which concentrates on nutrition and growth before they go into auction next week.

The sale is being managed by Ben Baggott of Barbers Auctions who says that the day will follow all Covid-19 government guidelines including strict social distancing rules.

For more information and any pre-sale enquiries please contact Ben Baggott on 01630 652926.