Few business folk like the V word. Indeed, when it comes to putting together a long-term strategy for growth, volatility is positively avoided. 

James Thompson knew that milk was a volatile commodity when he poured £3 million into pedigree stock and a state-of-the-art dairy parlour at the Sansaw Estate in Shrewsbury in 2012. It came at a time when scores of dairy farmers were throwing in the towel each week, broken by the slump in price which had nearly halved within a six month period. 

But his meticulous attention to detail and forensic planning on a ‘worst case scenario’ basis meant Sansaw was able to cope with the crushing troughs and then celebrate with the dizzying peaks. 

His vote of confidence in the industry was based on running his new enterprise on a New Zealand management system.  

James, managing director of Sansaw Estates, near Shrewsbury, brought in 1,500 cows at the start and plans for a further 200 new arrivals over the next 12 months. Most unusually, the majority graze outside all year round…

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