It’s been a month of change at the dairy, with preparations well underway for calving to take place in Spring. Fertiliser spreading has finished for the year and Matt has started closing up the grazing platform, signalling that it’s time to start drawing our 2019 lactation to a close.

As the new sheds are now complete, the 300 lowest body condition score cows have all been brought in, to allow them to gain weight before dry-off as there’s not too much distance for them to walk. They seem to have got used to the sheds pretty quickly, with all of them learning to lie down on their comfy mattresses within a week!

It was a busy month for the R2’s (rising two year olds) as they transitioned onto the fodder beet and had their second vaccines for clostridia, salmonella and IBR. We’ve also management tagged the R2’s with new purple tags to make them easily identifiable for when they calve into the herd.