The weather has taken a rather damp turn recently, which means that the cows have to be moved faster due to the risk of the fields being damaged from too much walking. It also means that there’s a risk of mastitis so we’re undertaking extra work in the parlour to ensure the cows are clean by pre spraying and wiping them.

The cows and youngstock have all been TB tested, sadly we lost 1 cow out of 2,200 animals – frustrating in the extreme. We have also vaccinated cows and heifers for salmonella to reduce the risk of abortion.

The parlour rubberware have been changed to ensure all cows are as happy and comfortable as possible whilst being milked. As grass growth has begun to slow down, we have started buffer feeding cows silage on the feedpad to supplement the grass.

As part of our ongoing training, the whole farm team went on a defibrillator course ready for the new AED being installed at the Estate Office and Herd Manager, Beth has been on a three-day course on reproduction in dairy cows to further enhance her skill set in this area.