Shropshire business offers variety of courses to upskill employees

With so many demanding jobs at Sansaw that require a multitude of skills, staff development is taken seriously.

Sansaw Estate is a working dairy farm, Business Park and home to tenanted cottages, which all require full maintenance.

The 26-strong team cover everything on-site, from a leaking roof, to keeping the 1500 cows in the dairy herd in check, to estate lettings, so being multi-skilled is almost a requirement.

To meet these requirements, the team are put through a number of different courses – anything from compulsory quad bike training to Dairy Management.

In the past six months, some of the Sansaw staff have been on seven different courses between them, including Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting, Pesticide Application, Arc Welding and Telehandling.

James Thompson, Managing Director, believes these courses are invaluable: “The importance of educating our rural workforce is invaluable. We are responsible for up-skilling our workers. Giving them the chance to do these courses not only further develops their current skills in their own sectors, but widens their variety of skills greatly.

“It’s imperative that our staff have the correct skills in this line of work. When we know they are correctly trained in using the machinery and equipment, we know they’re using best practice, which is crucial in terms of Health and Safety.”

The most recent course undertaken by employees Matt Tipton, Shelley and Matt Edwards was an Arc Welding Course, in Telford.

“Everything to do with the building, we look at,” commented Graham Mitchell, Property Manager at Sansaw.

“These guys have got their own trades but are also multi skilled as well which is always good for this type of work that we’re in – you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. They can do everything, which is great.”