When Sian and Justine go out for dinner, the experience starts from the moment they’re handed the menu. And woe betide anyone who gives them a slip of A4.

“The menu is the first real touch-point of any restaurant and it sets the tone for the rest of the dinner,” Sian explains. “First impressions last! Customers will stay and enjoy their surroundings if enticed with quality menus. Presentation and ambience of a venue inspires confidence of a holistic quality.”

“A great menu cover helps create the right feel, the perfect ambience,” Justine adds. “You know time and effort has gone into its creation and the owners care about every element of the operation.”

The pair run The Menu Store, a bespoke hospitality agency which offers everything from menu covers and bill folds to placemats and coasters.

Working with stellar clients such as Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck as well as luxury hotels such as The Savoy and The Landmark, Sian and Justine provide a bespoke service to the hospitality sector in order to help them stand out.

Even the Chief Whip in the House of Commons has his work folder created by the duo, who moved into new office premises on Sansaw’s Business Park at the beginning of March.

“We’ve designed some really interesting products,” Sian says. “It’s all about first impressions and ensuring the brand shines through from the first moment to the last.”

They doubled turnover from last year and have pushed themselves to do the same again in 2019. Location is no barrier either, running projects for clients as far afield as America, Saudi Arabia and Cape Verde.


Sian, a former psychiatric nurse, said everything is made in the UK although they source the leather for some of their products from Italy.

Justine has worked in hospitality for more than 15 years, from washing up as a teenager to managing restaurants, so can speak to restaurant and hotel owners on the same level and understands the time constraints and demands of their business.

“We’ve got a good presence on Google and we pride ourselves on being more of a consultancy – helping the client get the right look and coming up with designs that they love. We always go the extra mile.

“If restaurants want to get AA rosettes you have to have menu covers to get two-stars and we provide a lot of this advice on our website in order to help clients achieve better standards

“The Royal Lancaster wanted sustainable menus so we’re going to design some cork options, but anything goes really, whether it’s faux leather, or heritage buckram or bright colours and digital printing.”

To find out more visit www.themenustore.co.uk