It’s been a strange summer for us all no doubt, but here at Sansaw, we’re classed as key workers and had to keep everything moving regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic. Someone had to feed and milk the cows!

We’ve seen fantastic fertility results over the summer thanks to the team’s hard work in planning and executing procedures. Last year we had a bad year for fertility but we seem to have learnt from what went wrong and recovered this year. The six week in the calf rate was 75 per cent and the empty rate after 10 weeks was 9 per cent – an excellent result!

The team alongside Swinnerton Contractors has been busy harvesting grass and whole crop silage over the past couple of months, the clamps are now full and in good condition ready for the winter.

On top of all that we’ve had a real focus on training over the summer. From cow fertility to spraying and udder health to lameness, we’ve spent more than 200 hours training our staff. It’s really important to us to continually improve our skills within the team
so we can create the very best results and always be ahead of the game.