Jayne Hill relocated from Peterborough to Shropshire with her job at Carter Jonas in 2009, bringing her husband and two young children with her.
For many, the upheaval would be traumatic. For the Hills it was a landmark moment which brought family, community and quality of life into sharper focus. And they don’t regret a minute of it.

“For many people the city has it all but, for us, living and working in the country is unbeatable,” Jayne explained.

“The day I stop appreciating the countryside and the views we have around here will be a sad day indeed – although I cannot imagine that ever happening.” Living and working on the Sansaw Estate makes Jayne’s daily commute about as stressful as a long bath. “I used to have a half-hour walk along busy main roads to get to my old office. Now I walk through the countryside. Even when you take the school run into account it’s only about a mile.” In many ways Jayne underpins Sansaw Estate’s aim of modern rural living – locating both her home and work life in the middle of Shropshire’s most scenic surroundings. “I cannot tell you how blessed we feel,” she adds. “To live and work in such a wonderful area and to bring our children up with nature on their doorstep is as close to perfection as you can get.” James Thompson, managing director of the Sansaw Estate, said quality of life – both work and home – was vitally important.
“The thought of a two-hour commute fills many people with dread, yet millions do it on a daily basis,” he said. “Here at Sansaw our aim was clear – to have both offices and housing within the estate so we could offer people professional challenges set within the most relaxed and idyllic setting.” James created the Pavilions, an award-winning state-of-the-art office development, in 2009 as well as housing a creative hub of smaller businesses in The Stables, a courtyard setting nearby.