Calving 2023

The cows are in great health and fine condition for another year ahead.

Calving is always a frenetic time of year but our meticulous planning and dedication from the team helped see us through. It has been a huge logistical challenge with the extra cow and calf numbers on farm. We currently have over 3000 animals on the farm. The cows and calves are in great health and fine condition a testament to the hard work, commitment and stockmanship of the Sansaw Dairy team.

We have enjoyed a wonderfully dry February and we managed to calve just over 1000 cows during the month. However, it has also heralded a drop in the milk price.

Our beef unit at Hope Farm is up and running under the expert guidance of Joanna who will be responsible for rearing up to 900 beef calves – not a small undertaking!