Breeding Season 2023

It is such a great challenge getting the cows back in calf, everything has to be right and we have to be on the ball to ensure we don’t miss any cows.

Darren Moody

Breeding our cows and heifers always starts at the beginning of May and is now well under way. This is the most important time of the year – if we don’t get the cows back in calf we will have no milk in 2024!

We artificially inseminate (AI) the cows for the first five weeks of the breeding season which provides us with all our replacement heifers who will join the herd in 2026. We are always trying to improve the herd to make them even more efficient converters of grass into highly nutritious and healthy milk. During the second five weeks of the breeding season Hereford and Aberdeen Angus bulls are introduced to the herds to make sure any cows that have not conceived get every opportunity before the end of the breeding season.