Sansaw Estate Spring Update

Our vision is and always has been to leave the Estate in better condition than when we took it on.

As we roll into summer, having enjoyed two Bank holidays and a rousing Coronation weekend we reflect on the ups and downs of the first five months of 2023. As always there are challenges and opportunities to embrace as we manage the weather, livestock, buildings both old and new, fibre optic cables, woodland, water and electricity supplies, the list goes on. Of course at the beating heart of the Estate is the Sansaw team that make things happen whether that is moving cattle, dealing with property repairs to fielding any number of enquiries in the office.

Our vision is and always has been to leave the Estate in better condition than when we took it on, we are merely custodians and will continue to work tirelessly to improve our built and natural environment through strong stewardship and a genuine love for the countryside.

Over the past twelve months we have milked over 1500 cows, producing 7 million litres of milk which is sold to Arla. We have fully refurbished 8 properties whilst we continue to maintain another 120, we have installed 200kw of solar panels, planted 2500 trees and created 10 acres of wildflower meadows.

On the property front we have seen strong demand for both houses and offices to rent after a relatively stable period during Covid, despite the economic challenges being faced by households and businesses alike. We still provide competitive office space and stunning rural properties to rent.

We are currently farming 810 hectares (2000 acres) with the main focus being on grass based dairy farming – utilising this wonderful resource that grows plentifully in North Shropshire to produce high quality, healthy and nutritious dairy products. As the farm has reached current capacity we are looking to plant more hedgerows, buffer strips and meadows as we continue to enhance our beautiful and biodiverse environment.

As always there are a number of other activities happening on the Estate – in April we hosted the Lingen Davies Colour Run and we were delighted that they were able to raise north of £40,000 pounds for such a fantastic cause. We will be hosting Open Farm Sunday at Sheepcotes Dairy, SY4 3DL  on Sunday 11 June from 10am to 2pm this will be a wonderful opportunity to see what we do up close. 

As always please do not hesitate to visit the website or email us at or call us on 01939211100.